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SAU篮球学生 - 运动员已经是18岁的书作者(Bre'Cha Byrd有写入的东西)

RALEIGH, N.C. – According to a website article, 80 percent of Americans aspire to pen a book and get it published within their lifetime. Few actually start or finish, however. Bre’cha Byrd bucked the odds and she’s only 18 years old. A basketball student-athlete at Saint Augustine’s University, Byrd is talented way beyond the basketball court. She is a published author and a motivational speaker. “Some people think you have to be 40 [years old] or 50 or 60 to become an author, but why not now,” said Byrd, who majors in Business Administration. The title is Self Love…LOVESELF, a 33-page inspirational book for females. Its purpose is to uplift young girls and women in the journey of self-love. The book’s inspiration comes from Byrd’s parents Brenton and Chanique, her brother Breyden and a higher power. “God gave me the vision and my family supported me,” Byrd said. “We live in a world where there is so much negativity. I want girls to know they are beautiful inside-and-out and they have worth. Their worth isn’t based on what others think.” Miss Lola Lakes is the main fictional character and much of her life is based on Byrd’s past experiences and what she has seen others experience. Byrd was picked on and lost confidence, only to regain her self-esteem with help from her parents. She now oozes with confidence and wants to empower other females. “Growing up, I’ve been through a lot as far as learning to love me,” Byrd said. “My self-awareness and self-worth were evident at an early age, and some people didn’t know how to deal with me. My mindset was completely different. I saw things for what it was and called them out on it. I wouldn’t comply to what everybody else thought. They couldn’t put me in a box.” “My parents always say, ‘tell my story’. I love writing, so why not,” said Byrd, who wrote songs and poems at 7 years old. “I want to be that positive difference. That book will always last forever, even when I am gone.” A prolific writer, Byrd started her book three years ago at age 15. The book was published in November 2019 and released in January of this year. Self Love…LOVESELF is in paperback form and can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.


寻找出版商通常是过程的艰难部分,但它不需要很长时间来确保正确的交易。这本书发表时,她的反应? “我说'谢谢耶稣!',”Byrd说。 “我的澳门金沙官网网站人和我互相拥抱。那是美好的一天。成为一个祝福是一种祝福。这是一种不同类型的快乐。“伯爵,伯爵,拜尔德,伯里县天然。最近,她几乎谈到了几个组织作为客人励志演讲者。她已知她的篮球漏洞,领先的Surry County High School,四年来三个国澳门金沙官网网站冠军赛决赛。在她的准备职业生涯中,Byrd的5英尺9级拍摄警卫,Byrd被命名为全状态和全部区域。她是今年的两次全部区域球员。在她的高级赛季,Byrd成为一个国澳门金沙官网网站冠军,并被评为今年弗吉尼亚高中联赛女运动员。 Sau Head女子的篮球教练蒙特尔琼斯说,Byrd肯定适合他想要代表该计划的学生运动员的类​​型。他说,他珍贵的新生招聘超越了她的岁月。 “这对一个在大学里的孩子来说真是太棒了,谁已经撰写了一本书,”琼斯说。 “你知道她是一个高于篮球的高级学生。这只是惊人。她已经拥有了她所阐述的目标。“ “她将在田径和学者中取得成功,”琼斯补充道。 “她体现了我们为平等和妇女权利而战的所有事情。 Bre'Cha是一个强大的强大的黑人女性,无论她面前有什么,都在追求她的目标。“ Byrd在Surry County High School的Serry Basternbal教练史蒂文Artis留下了印象。 Artis说,猎鹰夫人有一个有影响力的学生 - 运动员是一个自然领导者。 “她远远领先于其他女孩在思想过程中,”Artis对他的前学生说。 “她说话好像她是一个老头。 Bre'Cha让她的东西映射出来,她相信上帝将指导她做伟大的事情。她在高中谈到这一点。“ “我被吹走了。她正在说话,好像她是一些地方和看到一些东西,“他补充道。当然,她的品质使Byrd成为Surry County高高的队长的自然选择。

“我对她的所有人都有很多要求,”Artis说。 “她说,'教练我已经上了。'她拥抱领导力。当事情下降时,她会有团队会议。当你看到那些来自一位年轻女士的东西时,这告诉我很多澳门金沙官网她的旁行和旁边。“ “作为一个篮球运动员,她被确定,活泼,非常聪明,”阿里斯补充道。 “她很好地捡起了东西,并具有自我激励,在她写一本书中。”当被问及她们更加快乐,篮球或写作时,Byrd说最终结果对她来说很重要。 “我活着在我参与的一切中激励,”Byrd说。 “我想把世界带给我最好的。”她正在作为一个少年来做它。 “你不必等到你年纪大了,”拜尔德说。 “你现在可以追求一切。我是一个象征。没有限制。无论年龄段,您每个人都可以激励任何人。你永远不会太年轻而无法改变。“

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